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Our mission is " GROW TOGETHER " Our ultimate aim is for upliftment make the people understand the concept of global citizenship. All power is within you. You can do anything and everything positive provided you believe in yourself, god and your work. Relegion is not to be shown it is a matter to be kept in heart and follow it personally with conviction. Ours is a reg society with a pan card number and a savings bank a/c number with annual audits of its a/c books. Our moto is to make it a global organization with donations from all over and covered under the rebate of income tax Our Functioning.

  1. Executive body of all States (each) 31 out of which 11 are executive posts, remaining 20 will be executive members of the body.
  2. The membership of any state body extend up to any extent
  3. There will be 51 persons in the National Executive Body (21 will be executive posts and remaining 30 will be members of the body). However the addition of special invitees and guests may extend up to any limit.
  4. Each state body will further extend till districts and town levels.
  5. Every State President have to further appoint District’s President under whom 31 members have to be included (11 will be the executive posts and 20 will be the members of the body).
  6. Each State President and District President has to conduct one Monthly meet (Mandatory).
  7. Every State body has to conduct one Gala function (Big Event) once in a year and to small events which may further extend to the celebrations of Birth and Martyr Days of Koli Sants, Freedom fighters etc.
  8. Each President has to appoint one media coordinator (mandatory) who will cover the events in terms of Electronic and Print media and subsequently has to send clippings / CD / Photographs / News paper cutting etc to the National Senior General Secretary, which will be further sent to Koli community Magazines and News Letters.
  9. Each State President will be issued two membership books, which he may further give to his General Secretary and any other executive / capable person to record the collection of funds. The funds thus generated will be utilized for the Central Body and State Body in 50:50. 50% of the generated funds will be used for the Sate Body and 50% is to be sent to Central Body.
  10. There will be all State Meeting (Rashtriya Karya Karinee Baidhak) once in a year. In which all State Body of 31 members will participate (mandatry).